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Now, truly a hair shedding comb designed for all hair coats … thick or thin!

It makes grooming time more enjoyable since it eases and speeds up the process while giving your pup relaxing strokes. Removing dead hair has never been so simple and effective.

This double-sided hair shedding comb features rounded stainless steel teeth with extra-wide spacing on one side that gently penetrates deep into the thickest, “wooly” hair coats removing old dead hair. The perfect two-step process.

  • Comfortable Brushing - Gently brush away mats, light tangles, and loose undercoats with a soft, flexible brush. No pain or uncomfortable moments were involved.
  • Shiny And Smooth Coat - Removing hair helps reduce shedding hair from the environment, stimulates skin oils, and improves coat softness and shine.

Simply pull the Dually through the hair coat in the direction you are training the hair before washing/rinsing. Repeat daily until shedding is complete. It’s simple, effective and saves hours.

Always remember … the faster the dead hair is shed out, the faster new, fresh, healthy hair will grow.

So don't waste any more time and grab one today - we promise you won't regret it.

Hair Shedding Comb

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