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About Us

Over 25 years ago is when our value for dogs as our pets started, the movie Babe was produced and we fell in love with the Border Collie pups. As we never do things in half measures, we hunted down the breeder of that litter who was from NSW and purchased our first stud dog, after that we purchased our beautiful collie girl from another top breeder. We ended up sharing our lives with 3 collie girls over the years, and we started our breeding journey. Then noticed the individual beauty of the stunning golden coats and the gentle nature of the Golden Retrievers. So now, with the experience also from breeding cattle... temperament, healthy and sound animals is our number one aim. We adhere to the highest of quality of breeding standards so that we can produce the healthiest puppies possible, resulting in loving and intelligent pups, your best friend. Ethical practices and the welfare of the puppies is our priority.  

Why AnnieGold and MatildaGoldies? Annie and Matilda are our 2 daughters which we wanted to involve, so chose their names to use for our facebook page and our breed prefix. We have shared our lives with Crystal & Immogene, our retired girls, and now we have Daisy, followed by Winter, her daughter Maple and Ivy. The love and laughter we experience continually makes us smile...every day. 

How did we get all this information? Reading dozens of books and info and talking with people more knowledgeable than we are,  discussions with vets and others well educated in this area. We take very seriously the enormous responsibility as a breeder, we wanted to research more about the canine world to support our journey which will support your journey, I also completed an animal studies course, learning a variety of aspects regarding animal care, handling and wellbeing, legislations, welfare and nutritional care, ending with placement at a doggy day care centre and our local vet, we have consolidated a lot of information to share with you and we encourage you to explore the website and Enjoy The Read.

Please note as we are not vets, this is general advice from us with our experiences or have used reliable sources for the content.

About The Breed

This large size breed originated in Scotland in mid 1800's gaining popularity as a hunting companion and extremely gentle nature, trainability and playfulness and with their hunting aids to indicate and retrieve shot game for the hunter, this being called a retriever due to their ability to retrieve shot game undamaged (soft mouth). The 1st litter bred in South Australia was in 1950. They have a water repellant outer coat which lies flat against their bodies which sheds in small amounts throughout the year with a thick undercoat and is anywhere from the shade of cream to dark gold. The undercoat keeps them cool in summer, Like most large breeds there may be some health issues, particularly hip and elbow dysplasia, eye disease and cardiac disease but the majority of Golden Retrievers are bred from responsible breeders and are healthy dogs. Being a gun dog, they are eager and alert, and love being near their owners to please and to spend time with them, their nature is affectionate, kind, friendly and confident with a soft look that is difficult to resist. They are a large breed so grow big and strong quickly and have lots of enthusiasm for life. 

They require stimulation and daily exercise and make a valuable member of the family and a wonderful companion. Life without goldens....we don't think so.

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