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Celebrate one of the most loyal animals known to humankind, the dog, in cookie form!
This Dog Cookie Cutter can represent the popular Labrador or Golden Retriever breed.
This cookie cutter is manufactured with the user in mind, created with Polyresin coated steel, making it easy to hold and to cut through cookie dough effortlessly.


This dog is ready to go pointed and alert in single line detail. This sharp edged realistic cutter ensures smooth cutting and perfect shaping as you press into fondant pastry or even playdough. With a ridged rim you can press down firmly as you create that special decoration or cookies. You can also let your children cut out playdough shapes or biscuit dough with this sturdy cutter.

Product Features:

  • Polyresin coated steel.
  • Cuts through dough easily.
  • Handwash only. Dry thoroughly before storing.

Cookie Cutter Dog 10cm Black

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